We are accepting articles and illustrations for our monthly magazine.

Articles and illustrations must relate to any one of these subjects:

  • The COVID scam
  • COVID ‘vaccine’ injuries and deaths, as well as harm caused by other vaccines
  • Agenda 2030, WHO/ WEF/UN dictatorship
  • Digital ID, digital currency, digital trap, digital slavery
  • Climate change fraud, Net Zero, ULEZ, 15-minute cities, smart cities
  • Farmers, healthy food, household remedies, gardening, wild edible plants
  • 5G, weather modification, chem trails, food/water poisoning
  • Encouragement and advice how to live without internet/avoid digital slavery
  • Home education, alternative schools
  • Catholic faith: church, saints, feast days, pilgrimage, monastic life
  • Nature and travelling: walks, nature reserves, places of interest, essentially in Britain
  • History: resistance during World War II, other wars/crisis/historical events relating to any of above topics, die Weisse Rose (German resistance group during WWII)
  • Book and film reviews relating to above topics
  • Fiction: short stories and serial fiction (narratives that continue in subsequent issues) relating to any of above topics
  • Poems: preferably not short, well revised, relating to any of above topics
  • Personal experiences and testimonies relating to any of above topics

Compose & Send

  • Length: articles between 550 and 2,500 words (circa 1-4 standard pages) – poems can be shorter
  • Please use an editable odt or doc file for your text (not PDF)
  • You must be the author of your submitted text
  • Please add your full name or a pseudonym
  • Avoid swearing words, ‘adult’ content, vulgar speech
  • Stick to the topic
  • No special formatting/styles, no fancy fonts – just plain text please
  • Check through and edit your text until it can’t get any better before submitting
  • Submit online: contact
  • Send via post: contact us to receive the postal address


Political/humorous cartoons or realistic/classic line art drawings. Illustrations must be black and white.

Submit online: contact
Send via post: contact us to receive the postal address